Short Courses/Workshops

Full Day Short Courses

FD1: Advanced Preconditioning Techniques for Computational Electromagnetics

Francesco P. Andriulli (ENST Bretagne) and Eric Michielssen (The University of Michigan)

FD3: Near-fields in Computational Electromagnetics: A Novel Regularization Technique

Alireza Baghai-Wadji (University of Cape Town)

FD4: Phi Coprocessor and Acceleration Techniques for Computational Electromagnetic Methods

Wenhua Yu and Xiaoling Yang (2COMU, Inc.)

FD6: The Art and Science of UWB Antennas

Hans Schantz (The Q-Track Corporation)

FD7: Timed Arrays

Randy L. Haupt (Colorado School of Mines)

Half Day Short Courses


HD1: Electromagnetic Metamaterials: Modeling and Applications from Radio-Frequencies to the Visible

Andrea Alù (The University of Texas at Austin)

HD2: Intelligent Antenna Design Using Characteristic Mode Analysis

Martin Vogel, Gopinath Gampala, and C.J. Reddy (EM Software & Systems (USA) Inc.)

HD3: Low-profile Natural and Metamaterial-Concept Antennas

Hisamatsu Nakano (Hosei University)

HD5: Advanced Impedance Matching and Impedance Analysis for Antenna Applications

Jussi Rahola (Optenni Ltd)


HD6: 4G and Next-Generation Handheld Device Antennas

Kin-Lu Wong (National Sun Yat-sen University)

HD7: On-Chip Antennas: The Last Barrier to True RF System-on-Chip

Atif Shamim (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology)

HD9: Wearable Antennas

Albert Sabban (Ort Braude College)

HD10: The Spectral Domain Method in Electromagnetics

David R. Jackson (University of Houston)