Special Sessions

The following special sessions are offered for APS/URSI 2014. Organizers, please note that typically 10-11 papers are needed for a full-day session and 5-6 papers for a half-day session.

Session Name Type
3D/Additive and Inkjet-Printed Antennas and Large-Area Antenna Arrays APS/URSI
Additive Manufacturing in Antenna Technologies APS/URSI-B
Advances in the Development of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Microwave Systems APS/URSI-K
Algebraic and Kernel-Dependent Solvers for Integral Equations APS/URSI
Antenna Metrology APS/URSI
Antenna, System, and Spectrum Sharing Issues in Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Radar APS/URSI-C
Antennas and Propagation, A History of the Society and Its Technology APS/URSI
Antennas and Sensors for Unmanned Air Systems APS/URSI
Complex and Artificial Electromagnetic Analysis and Design - In Honor of Professor Mario Sorolla APS/URSI
Computational Modeling of Stochastic Uncertainty in Electromagnetic Components and Systems: Methods and Applications APS/URSI-C
Localized Waves: Theory, Experiments and Applications APS/URSI
Millimeter-wave Lenses and Beam Shaping Applications for Mobile Communications APS/URSI
Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Solvers APS/URSI
Novel Antenna Systems for Space and Ground Applications APS/URSI
Numerical Weather Prediction Supporting Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Modeling APS/URSI
Terahertz Antennas, Systems and Interconnects URSI
Theory of Characteristic Modes for Antenna System Design in Wireless Communications APS
Time-domain Arrays for Innovative Communication and Sensing Systems APS/URSI
Wearable and Implantable Antennas APS/URSI
Wireless Power Transfer Systems, Challenges and Applications APS/URSI